Episode 31: Byron Ricks: Searching for Dad

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Barack Obama and John McCain have one thing in common, they both grew up with absent fathers. Byron Ricks details how important the father-son relationship is to growing boys, and how this may have affected who the candidates, and other men with absent fathers, have become in adulthood.

In this uncommon discussion we learn:

  • What are the 9 side-effects of growing up fatherless.
  • When do boys learn start to learn about sex?
  • What it's like for a young boy who doesn't have a father in his life.
  • The unique benefits of male-bonding.
  • Boys innate desire to do 'one-better' than our dads.
  • How a "surrogate" father can fill the role for absent fathers.
  • How to rebuild self-respect, self-confidence, and a strong sense of identity.

Join us in learning about Byron Ricks mission to help men and boys facing the world when their fathers are not around.