Episode 29: Kute Blackson - What Are You Waiting For?

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Is your life passing you by? Are you holding back, waiting for your best friend's funeral before you express how you really feel about them? Are you leaving things off the table...unsaid, undone, unattempted? Why?

Do it NOW!

This IS the game, there is no where else to go. This is your life, passing you by one day at a time. Are you living it to the fullest?

In Part 2 of our dialogue, Kute Blackson shakes us out of our slumber so we can really begin to live our lives.

"We think we are in a prison...but the door is open, walk through it!" exclaims Kute.

In this show we look into:

  • What game are you buying into right now?
  • What your resistance to things in your life really is.
  • Where are you holding back?
  • Why your girlfriend might be acting bitchy when you seem unsure of yourself.
  • Where to look to find your deepest wisdom

Listen as Kute helps us realize the deepest truth about our lives and how we can truly live it each and every day.