Episode 28: Kute Blackson - Are You Ready To Die?

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Are you ready to die?

Does some part of your life suck? Are you stuck because you don't have any other choice? Have you tried everything you can and you just can't change it.


Thats what Kute Blackson is telling us. Bullshit.

When we find ourselves in that miserable, stuck place, we are invariably wasting energy avoiding our truth and keeping ourselves muted because we are afraid to face the unknown.

"If you are feeling pain and dissatisfaction, that's your doorway, go through it and find who you really are", Kute insists.

It may be necessary to experience the death of "self" to live life.

What do you need to give to the world so that you can die complete?

Listen as Kute a Tripp take us into the darkness, searching for that light of freedom on the other side.