Episode 27: Sandor Gardos - Pt 2 Can Sex Become a Spiritual Practice?

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In Part two of our discussion with Dr. sandor Gardos, we take a deeper look into everybody's favorite topic...sex.

Unfortunately, the sex life of most men is not where it could be. We're not talking about how to pick up women here, we're talking about something deeper. What is behind our sex drive and what is our sexual energy really?

Men tend to look at sexual energy as frustration, something to be fixed,,,and as soon as posible. Men train themselves at a young age to relive sexual energy as fast as possible, not cultivating and using sexual energy to invigorate our lives.

Women tend to see this sexual energy differently, even using different words to describe sexual feelings. Where men talk about "sexual frustration" women speak of the same pleasurable feelings as "juicy" or "alive."

Sandor encourages us to see this energy not as something to avoid, but something we should honor as our very life essence. He invites us to learn to be with strong energetic sensation and practice cultivating and holding sexual energy.

Why is Viagra the best selling drug in the country?

Often we can be very dissociated during sex, perhaps fantasizing about someone else or generally checking out altogether.

Most of us would rather take a pill than truly look inside ourselves to discover what may be getting in the way of our sexual desire.

Dr Gardos points out that most men don't know what is possible with orgasm because we don't know how to be with intense sexual energy.

At the highest levels, sex can become a pathway to deep spiritual states...a very direct route Dr Gardos says.

So where is the average guy to start on this path of sexual self-discovery. Dr. Gardos suggest finding community, whether locally or online and begining to take in and share information. This can be tough at first but there are resources out there for men willing to take a look. This is not another goal that has to be met or an achievement we need to reach, but an opportunity for us to know ourselves better and live more fully because of it.