Episode 211: Joe Vitale, Buddha of the Internet on Karmic Marketing

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Joe Vitale has been called the "Buddha of the Internet."

A famous online marketer who was in 13 movies including The Secret now has a fantastic strategy for his newest online product, "Attract Money Now."

If you've been wondering how the most sophisticated, experienced online marketers package their products, listen to what Joe is doing to scale his business with his Miracles Coaching program  and see how it dovetails in to Attract Money Now.

Learn why "curating" your passions generates legions of fans.

Find out about Nevillizing, a concept he and David Garfinkel (one of the most important copywriters living today) thought up.

We talk about Hypnotic Writing, Blue Healer, Zero Limits Ho'oponopono (science marries mysticism) and the 7 steps to attracting money.

Joe is fun, easy going and super sharp. Enjoy!

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