Episode 185: Dave Evans on How To Operate as a SOCIAL Business Part 2 of 2

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Prepared to be inspired!

Dave Evans is back on DishyMix to talk this time about his newest book, Social Media Marketing: The Next Generation of Business Engagement.

Social networking has permanently changed the way consumers interact with brands - fo' shizzle!

What to DO first?

  • Listening platform?
  • Collaborative vendor WIKI?
  • Twitter account for CRM?
  • The never-ending list goes on...

Learn how your business connects itself to your customers and prospects and how, in the future, no company will survive without creating the platforms customers and partners demand to be in conversation with you.

Dave discusses social business strategy; social objects and the social graph and how they are central to your ongoing revenue strategy.

Evans give over-arching strategic advice, down and dirty platform recommendations, helpful case study examples and an inspiring viewpoint that will have you entirely reconsider your job!

This is a two part series.