Episode 97: Lara and Johnny Fernandez: Soul Mate Search for the Serious

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Who knew that radical self care could be one of the KEY ingredients to finding a soul mate? Well I feel like I hit the jackpot in meeting Lara and Johnny Fernandez whose life missions are to help people find their soul mates through the fine art of loving oneself FIRST!

In this highly engaging and enlightening interview with both Lara and Johnny, we discuss one major mistake people make in the search for a soul mate: Leaky Energy.

Learn what Leaky Energy means and how to stop it if you find yourself doing it.

Learn how to stop unconsciously creating obstacles in finding your life mate.

Discover how to NOT lose yourself in your present or next relationship!

Tune in today for this important take on how to find love in this New Millennium!  Sign up NOW for their FREE eBook on the

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