Episode 96: Nicole Daedone: Orgasmic Meditation ~ A Radical Approach to Self Care

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Wow, if you are looking for a pioneer in the modern women's movement (especially when it comes to sexuality) listen to THIS podcast straight away! 

Nicole Daedone, founder of One Taste Urban Retreat Centers is burgeoning an important pathway for both men and women to rethink how we approach sex, sexuality, and fulfilling the longings in our hearts to have the kind of intimate relationships we deeply desire.

Her approach is to combine sex with spirituality, namely yoga and seated meditation.  The practice of Orgasmic Meditation is just one small part of a transformative lifestyle approach helping people slow down and focus on connection, intimacy, and communication versus goals and results.

Get ready for a whole new approach to owning your sexual desire and pleasure, rethinking how you approach and have sex as well as how to live life with more joy, freedom and expression than you have ever known.

Radical Self Care definitely includes having our sexual needs met too!  Enjoy this one, it's a doozie!

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