Episode 74: Kym Douglas: Television Host, Author, Healthy and Beauty Expert As Seen On Ellen, Good Day LA, The Doctors and Beauty Now

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This is one of the most information packed two part interviews with the bubbly Kym Douglas. Kym really shares her wealth of beauty tips so get your pencils and paper ready. Free tips on anti-aging, hair, recipes from her new "Beauty Cookbook," and all the things in your fridge that will shock you that you can use to beautify your hair and body. Need to slim your tummy? Kym will tell you the child's toy that has all the stars slimming down their tummies with. Kym has written all the Hollywood Diet, Beauty and Pregnancy Books and really shares so much in both segments of this fact filled podcast. Teri really gets tons of  info from Kym and the sweet thing about Kym is she shares from her heart.  Teri herself ordered the products and books because she
really believes Kym knows  the business of beauty from the inside out. Plus, Kym tells you about an amazing new product she endorses that is affordable and helps banish wrinkles for less. Teri was skeptical but saw this on Good Day LA and many stars are using it.  It also has a good price point.  Kym Douglas is a regular on many shows and is fun, funny and endearing. Who knew that a certain gas reliever could also help with a pimple?

Find out this trick plus  too many to count. Kym is all about saving money, empowering women and dishes on her fave celebs. Yippee and a Woo Hoo for all the anti-aging tips, beauty tips and so much more.

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