Episode 61: Susie Shina: Top Fitness Expert Shares Her Tips For Success

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Teri Struck, Host of Beauty Now, interviews Susie Shina and gets all her tips from her latest book on how to stay fit, young and have a great attitude while doing it. This seven day plan will have you saying, "finally an easy way to get rid of the weight without trying." Her no nonsense approach to fitness and motivation to lose weight will have you getting the “aha” moment. Do your kids need help with choices and weight? Susie tells us how to motivate and inspire our kids as well as ourselves. Lose weight the easy way and have fun doing it. Find out about her E book that is one of the easiest plans I have seen to follow to date. Susie has her PhD in physiology but more importantly she is an example as she used to weight over 200 pounds and now is a size 4. Even if you have no desire to be that small, her tips and motivation will have you ready for your new life in any economy. Did you know that when you sleep you regenerate not only your body but your youth? Kids need that too, hear why and how.

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