Episode 22: Celebrities Are Discovering The Cellulite Cure Thanks to Dr. Lionel Bissoon

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Teri Hausman interviews Dr. Lionel Bissoon to find out how Mesotherapy is the treatment of choice for celebrities, models and actresses. Tune into Beauty Now and download this episode to get the real scoop how women all over the country are turning to Mesotherapy.& Want to get rid of the unsightly bumps and bulges regardless of your size?& & Dr. Bissoon is pioneer and wrote the best selling book,&” The Cellulite Cure."& Listen in and find out how you too can become celebrity gorgeous and flaunt your body in a bathing suit.& The good news is it really works. The results are dramatic. Dr. Bissoon also shares more secrets from his book so tune in to Beauty Now and find out what works and what doesn&’t. There is no need to feel self conscious about your skin when there is a cure. Smooth skin is in your future and Dr. Bissoon explains what we need to do to get started. This is a must hear episode since cellulite is one of the hardest things to cure.

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