Episode 112: INTUITION IN THE QUEST FOR LOVE with Master Rose Love

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INTUITION IN THE QUEST FOR LOVE with Master Rose Love.  Inventor of the Human Pod. Extensive expertise in the areas of Reiki, Crystal healing, Tibetian & Crystal Singing bowl healing, Tai Chi/Chi Gung, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Herbology, Quantum Physics, Cellular Biology and Vibrational Medicine.  Director of Beyond Medicine Wellness Center in Charlotte, NC.  Tantra Practitoner harmonizing the masculine & feminine within.

In this episode, Rose vibrantly reveals her startling life journey from electrical & computer engineer from rural Georgia to transformation & international leader. Deepen into the radical intuition that changes lives & transforms the brain. Release addiction to the blame state. Ignite your souls journey into hearts desire & higher purpose. Explore the harmonizing power of the Inner Masculine & Inner Feminine.