Episode 44: The Next Generation

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Episode 2.1

What does it mean to live intimately in connection to those around you? That is what we'll explore over the next six weeks with 5 brand new cast members on "A Taste of Sex." Join Sean, Sasha, Shara, Gregg, Amy and your host Sean X, as they navigate the difficult world of intimacy, sex, relationships and life. How has Sean's military experience affected the way he is reintegrating into his personal life, and what do you do when you are loud during sex... and have roommates? Who is Amy and what is a "Doula?" What is Gregg's cure for loneliness? and how does Sasha let her fear rule her desire?

It's all a big collection of personal lives intersecting with one word... intimacy. Listen and learn from those on the front lines of confronting ideas around relationships. Learn what works, what has failed for them, and in the process get to know a little more about why you do the things you do in relationships.