Episode 1: Meet Nicole Daedone, founder of OneTaste™ Urban Retreat Center

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In this groundbreaking episode, hosts Bob G. and Beth Crittenden interview Nicole Daedone, the founder and visionary behind One Taste Urban Retreat Center. One Taste is run by a community of 50 sensual researchers committed to weaving the message of orgasm into the world conversation. Nicole describes the key precept on which the One Taste community operates: "We agree to stay connected - no matter what". You will learn how using this principle, even in the most uncomfortable situations, can completely transform the way you interact and move through the world. Nicole then gets personal, divulging how she went from being a "complete and utter mess" in her sensual life to becoming a fully ignited and orgasmic woman. This transition was fostered by her opening to the practice called Orgasmic Meditation. Nicole was offered this meditation at a party, and although she was a celibate Buddhist at the time, she agreed and as a result she was able to feel deeply enough to crack open in her sensuality and completely transform her life in the process. Hear about what orgasm and meditation have to do with each other (hint: focused attention on motion in the body). Nicole leads us through the fire of her awakening via the sensual realm. We'll hear about the simple beauty of the spiritual practice that can put one in direct contact with What Is. Learn how Nicole views sex as the transformer we need as human beings to stay connected and thrive through the raw emotion and intense ups and downs that life inevitably brings us. Hear why engaging in the practice of Orgasmic Meditation is done in community at One Taste, where the desire is to keep sensuality conscious and included.