Episode 2: Orgasmic meditation and other practices at One Taste Urban Retreat Center

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In this episode, Nicole Daedone talks about orgasmic meditation and other daily practices of One Taste Urban Retreat Center’s residential community She speaks of orgasmic meditation as an exercise in connection where the people engaged play the body as an instrument, sounding high and low notes, as well as everything in between. The practice is the main focus of One Taste, a Center dedicated to bringing conscious sensuality into the mainstream. In opening the door to sensuality, a hotbox of repressed and unacknowledged emotions, she speaks of the importance of including other practices that can fill, as well as empty and so, clear body and mind. Daily practices at One Taste include journaling, yoga, karma yoga and a communication exercise called Withholds. She talks about how each holds one important aspect of self.


Orgasmic meditation and other practices at OneTaste™ Urban Retreat Center

Bob G.: Hello and welcome to a Taste of Sex a reality audio show on life in an Orgasm-Based Community. This series is a peak in the private lives in the community of orgasmic practitioners at One Taste urban retreat center San Francisco California. OneTaste™ is a business founded with the intention to bring conscious sensuality into the mainstream. It also a growing community currently of about fifty people all of the whom pursue the practice orgasmic meditation. In this episode, you hear about the practice of orgasmic meditation you also learn about other daily practices pursue by member of the community some would be familiar like Yoga and Journaling and some will be new but all enhance OneTaste™ mind body approach to orgasm. Tune in and Turn on.

Nicole Daedone: The idea is to address every aspect of being and in no way let any part of I guess being go under nourished. So… So… We do some basic practice and we start very early in the morning around seven in the morning. We have obviously orgasmic meditation… A process call Withholds and then we have Journaling and then from there we have Karma Yoga we also have Physical Yoga… I discovered the practice of Orgasmic Meditation and what the practice is it two people essentially the best way I could describe it plugging in two one-orgasm through the vehicle off one-persons body. Now that all sound very dramatic and heady and but in the same way with Breathing Meditation you focus on the motion of the breath. With Orgasmic Meditation you focus on the motion of the orgasm that located in your body and through that you get you gain access to parts of yourself or I gain access to parts of myself I don’t otherwise have access to. The beauty of this practice for me is it that you can have… You can have it at any level you can have it at the level of I just want to feel my body again or you can have it at the level of you know I actually looking to explore my shadow side and you know a lot of shadow is held in your sex. Or you can have it at the level of I want a get reconnected with my partner again I felt so connected when we were first together and now I don’t feel sexually connected to my partner or you can have it be a mystical experience. Wherever you want it is where you can explore it that the beauty of the practice because it one stroke at a time whatever stroke your on is the right stroke.

The skill has a orgasmic practitioner is to begin to learn to let your body be played at any level at the high high reaching reverent light expensive barely barely touching the genital location, all the way down to the rich needing love sex grinding animal sensation. So we want to be able to feel in that whole range, so we have practices that connect us with with with those two levels and everything in between.

The Limbic System is what we associate with pleasure it is the reptilian part of the brain it the preverbal part of the brain it it where we have emotion and physical sensation. The Frontal Cortex is the part that tells us to be how to be appropriate it gives us idea around society and religion. In orgasm what happen is the Frontal Cortex shuts down not necessarily entirely but but it control over thing shuts down the autonomic system is turn on and the Limbic System is activated. Ok great what that means is that the body gets flooded with chemicals, primarily Oxitosin in women and Vasopressin in men and what happens is there comes to be a feeling of deep saturation of deep hydration.

The challenge for us to date I think is been that we keep ourselves starving in the sexual arena and then we go into gluttony. Starvation and gluttony and then you know and then the gluttony actually tells us to starve ourselves the next time because we remember what happen the last time we went into this gluttonous stage that we screw everything up we were late for work we fell in love with the wrong person and so we don’t really have any consciousness around it is it. Once you have a practice that actually begins to move the flow of central energy you can afford to be conscious in a sex or intercourse or oral sex all take on a different flavor now because am no longer using them in order to decrease sensation am not looking to pummel energy into my body and then and then have this explosion of energy from my body and then shoot down back onto the bed and then fall asleep. Now I am having sex intercourse oral sex to feel more so what begin to happen is my body become almost like a velvet glove to receive another human being and in that way much less is necessary.

Ok so Withholds are a process pick up by Doctor Victor Baranco and I believe he picked it up from somewhere else. But the basic idea is that if am communicating with you and there was a moment where something happen that I did not fully process or digest that moment is stuck in my mind sort of their a lens in between us and every time I see you I see you through that lens. Say you stepped on my foot. Then I see you and no matter what your saying in the back of my mind am having this alternate conversation. He stepped on my foot. He stepped on my foot. He stepped on my foot. And so I am carrying this charge around. Withhold the idea is you say in a value neutral way recognizing that charge is mine. Whenever I see you I think. He Stepped On My Foot. And the specific moment in time when you passed me entering on the hallway. And the idea is if I say it exactly has I experience it the force or the counter force of communicating it actually release it and when I release it. I come back into direct contact with you back into direct communication.

We also feel that sex is a subset of communication sex is a way that we communicate in a way that we connect. So having good communication in my body is having good communication out of my mouth as well. How would I recommend people do it is just begin to notice the sensation in your body and the simplest way to do it is to start with hot cold vibrating smooth expansive contracted. We you know we don’t really have a vocabulary for sensory experience. Rilke said it so beautifully he said . “Our inability to express the extraordinary has our ability to experience it atrophied” and so what we are looking to do is put language into these extraordinary so that we can lock them into our body. The idea of a frame is a it a sensory snap-shut you know I can have an experience and then I can flash to that moment of time and then I can draw my attention back to that moment and I can begin to describe it while feeling the sensation to you.

If I do it exactly has I experience it without embellishment I can have you feel the sensation that I had we can enter into what’s call a Transpersonal Sphere we can enter into a place where were sharing experience. This get kind of trippy for people so if you one of the way to look at it is we can feel each other sensations if you yawn you activate my on yawning system also I mean this is not a very attractive one but if somebody is getting sick often time you feel that in your own body we have a sympathetic relating with each other we just don’t utilize it very well and so giving a frame describing with precision. There was a moment when I thought you slid your finger up my inner tight and it felt like every molecule that was located in the center of my tight rose to meet your finger and there was a magnet pulling your finger down up toward my genitals. There’s a way that I can communicate that and both of us can lock into that location and what we do in that way is we connect mind and body at the same time. One of the thing that Journaling does is actually has me metabolize my experiences so that I can again have more pleasure I had not realize that was what stopping me.

Most of the time in having my next great my sexual experience was that I had not fully digested the last one. And so when for example when I was in my centralities course I was just a rampant Journaler because my sensuality was being activated so much I had to metabolize you have a faster metabolism when you have a lot of sensuality so it a great practice for that. What karma Yoga does is it keep me in motion. It keeps me flowing so I discovered it a actually in Shiva Nonda Yoga Center and the idea is you go in is one of the forms of Yoga that you work is your service aspect of being. I learned in again one of my sensuality courses. I got so full know you there and I had not believed that it was is possible to have so much pleasure that your full almost to the point of paralysis. And so what I learned to do instead is have great sex have a little Kissy Kissy have a little talking about the frame and then get up and move into activity and really let that whole experience metabolize through my physical body the great practice for that.

The power of an intimacy is that when what on the inside is match by what on the outside we has human being are more permeable. So what I mean by that is I have these deep deep deep hiding feelings in here if am able to grab hold of one of those and pull it out and give it to you I can connect then that deeply with you. I do think where we could afford to be honest about our perceptions in such a way that frees both people. You know there this experience you like it I use something not very chargey. You see your aunt and her wig is on sideway and it always on sideways and you don’t know why she wearing that wig and you has this thought has she passing by. Oh gee she actually look so much more attractive when she not wearing that wig. And you can see that she a little bit uncomfortable but she trying to hide it from the rest of the world that she has this discomfort she thinking that she keeping her feeling separate and a secret from other people. Saying that to her actually frees her and you know we have its a big taboo to say things to other people that have them have to recognize that there’s no way that they could hide their feeling we just can’t hide them they show up all over us we might has well talk about them directly and openly.