Cordyceps Sinesis, Maca Root, Saw Palmetto, & American Ginseng

Herbal Health Benefits for Men from a combination of natural herbs for energy, stamina, vitality, male sexual enhancement and mental acuity.


Herbs have been used for longevity, as aphrodisiacs, for sexual enhancement, to increase testosterone and create vitality and fitness. Currently, there are four natural ingredients that show great promise in supporting new vitality: Cordyceps Sinesis, Maca Root, Saw Palmetto, & American Ginseng.

Think about these herbs being used in combination like manly multi-vitamins and natural aphrodisiacs.

Health Benefits of Cordyceps Sinesis, Cordyceps Strains - Cordyceps benefits:

For thousands of years, Cordyceps, a type of mushroom from Western China, has been traditionally used to promote energy for athletes. Now research shows that it also improves endurance, immunity, supports respiratory health, liver and kidney function and is an antioxidant. Other powerful anti-oxidents include Vitamin E, B6 and B12. Tibet Cordyceps is a blend of Cordyceps Sinensis and Hepialus Armoricanus, fungus that have been used for thousands of years for health.

In a recent interview, Paul Stamets, mushroom expert, brings his “fungal intelligence” about the health benefits of mushrooms like Cordyceps. Click here to read the transcript and hear the interview.

Reishi and Maitake are other beneficial mushrooms that support your body’s immune system, liver function and your heart.

Health Benefits of Maca Root - Maca Benefits:

Maca Root comes from Peru and is a root vegetable and medicinal herb that is both eaten for food and ingested as a sexual enhancer. Maca is considered one of the herbal aphrodisiacs that work.

According to WIKIpedia, “small-scale clinical trials performed in men have shown that maca extracts can heighten libido and improve semen quality, though no studies have been performed on men with sexual dysfunction or infertility.”

Benefits of Maca Root are significant  - one root contains over 50 unique phyto-nutrients including minerals, sterols, fatty acids and amino acids, all vital to mental acuity and natural vitality.

Is Maca Safe?

Health benefits of Maca Root are many – it has been roasted, mashed, fermented and its leaves eaten like salad by the Peruvian Andeans for centuries.

Damiana is another herb that has been used for hundreds of years by Mexicans and Native Americans as an aphrodisiac and for reducing stress and anxiety.

Increase Testosterone Level

Natural Progesterone from wild yams can be used to support your body’s production of Progesterone, critical to producing natural cortical hormones and testosterone.

Fenugreek Seed Extract

Fenugreek is commonly found growing in Mediterranean regions of southern Europe, where both the seeds and leaves are used primarily as a culinary spice. The seeds of the fenugreek herb are an effective nutritional supplement and have also been used by herbalists for many centuries for the health benefits it provides.

Health Benefits of Fenugreek

Research in the past two decades has shown that fenugreek seeds help balance blood sugar in diabetics. It is believed that fenugreek is able to slow sugars as they are absorbed into the body, which helps to regulate blood sugar levels. The active components in fenugreek are alkaloids, lysine and L-tryptophan. It also contains steroidal saponins (diosgenin, yamogenin, tigogenin, and neotigogenin) and mucilaginous fiber. Fenugreek is also a testosterone booster.

Saw Palmetto - Saw Palmetto Products:

What is Saw Palmetto?

Saw Palmetto (Serenoa repens) is an herbal remedy used primarily for urinary and prostate-related issues. It’s an extract from the purple berries of the Saw Palmetto, grown most commonly in Florida.

Saw Palmetto Prostate

Saw Palmetto is very popular for prostate health and there is much research online about the benefits of treating an enlarged prostate gland – called Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia BPH.

BPH is an overgrowth of cells in the prostate that may be due to changes in hormone levels that occur with age. Nodules grow in the periurethral area of the prostate and press down on the urinary canal. When the nodules press on the urinary canal, symptoms include frequent urination, urinary leading and risk of infection. It’s estimated that many men over age 40, and more than half the men over 60 have BPH.

In addition to using Saw Palmetto products, there is also some evidence suggesting that a low-fat diet, zinc supplements, and essential fatty acids (from sources such as flax oil) and another herb, Pygeum africanum, are useful for treating BPH.

Pygeum Bark comes from an African evergreen tree and the bark was historically used to relieve urinary disorders. Chemical analysis shows that the lipophilic extract of pygeum bark has three categories of active ingredients. The phytosterols, including beta-sitosterol, are anti-inflammatory and help prevent the formation of pro-inflammatory prostaglandins that tend to accumulate in the prostate of men with benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). The pentacyclic terpenes have an anti-edema or decongesting effect. The ferulic esters reduce levels of the hormone prolactin and also block cholesterol in the prostate. Prolactin increases uptake of testosterone in the prostate, and cholesterol increases binding sites for testosterone and its more active form dihydrotestosterone.


Herbal Prostate Remedies

Extensive research agrees with the long tradition of using Saw Palmetto and Pygeum extracts together to improve urine flow and prostate health. To avoid prescription drugs such as finasteride (Proscar) many people incorporate Saw Palmetto and Pygeum Bark into their regimen.


American Ginseng (Panax quinquefolium)

How Much American Ginseng Should I Take?

Ginseng is considered an adaptogen, a substance that strengthens the body, helping you to overcome stress. American Ginseng supports immune functions and strengthens the adrenal and reproductive glands.

There have been positive reports of using Asian ginseng to treat cancer, heart disease, respiratory problems, fatigue, as well as to boost energy and mental performance and to improve quality of life.


Recommendations for Herbal Health Benefits for Men

There are two ways to incorporate Cordyceps Sinesis, Maca Root, Saw Palmetto, & American Ginseng and the other constituents into your life.

You can take these ingredients individually, one pill at a time, every day. Or you can try some of the new formulations that are applied as topical gels.

Onkor (encore) is a scientifically formulated gel you apply to the inner part of your legs or arms once a day that combines all of the above natural extracts of herbs, berries, mushrooms and roots for energy, stamina, vitality, male sexual enhancement and mental acuity.

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While "instant energy" is immediately effective, it's counter-productive because it wears off quickly and causes you to feel even more tired.  Therefore, users often consume these products (energy drinks, coffee, etc.) in much larger and unhealthier quantities than needed in order to sustain their energy, taxing the stomach, liver, kidneys and heart.  With Onkor you’ll still be cruising after your workday is done.

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