Enhance Your Sexuality: The Benefits of Tantra

by Suzie Heumann

Many people who want to explore Tantra and Tantric sex techniques think that the subject is exotic and they want to know what is in it for them. What some of the benefits might be to studying and practicing the concepts of sex, consciousness and divine presence.

There are many benefits to achieve through a practice that includes Tantric techniques, and the effectiveness will, of course, depend on the individual person and what they already bring to the table, so to speak. A person or couple who has done some kind of activity in the personal growth arena may have a head start on the person who is just beginning to delve into the more interior aspects of life.

Most Westerners will only want to investigate the sexual aspects of Tantra, though the richer areas of the subject involve great personal evolution through consciousness. Some of this happens naturally because the sexual aspects give you practices that teach you focus and consciousness using sexuality as the vehicle. You will likely come face to face with some of the esoteric aspects, however, in your sexual practice of the techniques. These will be fringe benefits that you won't consciously undertake but that you will feel the affects of just the same.

Workshops are wonderful because you, as a couple or individual, will for the first time, will realize that others are in the same place as you are (universal feelings). You will also get a chance to discover and connect deeply with others, in safe ways. By expanding your realms of experience and understanding you will develop more compassion, excitement, passion and love for your beloved and for your self.

Studying through resources like videos, e-courses and audio online is a great way to learn because you have the privacy of your own home to do it in. You'll get the energy of the practices and plenty of new things to try out. Most Tantra materials and videos blend consciousness, sexuality and education and many of the videos are made with women in mind.

This is completely contrary to our culture's practice of having you think that pornography is all there is to sex education. Most sex videos turn women off and there's nothing much to learn from them anyway. It is extremely enlightening for both men and women to see another woman in a sexual state of bliss. It sets a standard by which both men and women can envision a healthier, happier more ecstatic state of being.

There are not many opportunities in life, other than the Tantric teachings, to blend the possibility of raising our consciousness and increasing our intimacy and sexual skills at the same time. It is a perfect blend for the times and one that will propel you on the path to wholeness.

Suzie Heumann is the founder of www.tantra.com. She is a filmmaker, writer, speaker and author.

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