Vince Horn:

Buddhist Geeks

Vince Horn does his best to live as a modern monk. He spends part of his time in silence, meditating, introspecting, and pushing the bounds of spiritual development. The rest of the year he engages in the world, where he works primarily with spiritual media, writes for various online media sources, and barely manages to stay on top of his laundry. Fortunately his wife, and spiritual partner, Emily supports him with all of the above.

Vince's meditation practice started back in 2002, and has since then been almost exclusively grounded in the practices taught in the insight meditation tradition. Vince has benefited most from the guidance of two teachers: Daniel Ingram and Jack Kornfield. Both teachers have challenged him to master the techniques of meditation, accept the full range of his humanity, and find out for himself that enlightenment is not some ideal only achieved by a bunch of dead dudes who lived in India, but rather is achievable here and now. Vince spends several weeks on retreat each year, and thoroughly enjoys the opportunity to go into the silence and solitude of the retreat environment.

When not on retreat Vince produces and co-hosts a popular Buddhist show entitled Buddhist Geeks, and works full-time as an associate producer at the spiritual publishing company Sounds True. Though it's amazing that there's any time left after pursuing these two endeavors, he somehow finds time to blog on his personal site, Numinous Nonsense and occasionally even writes for some other online publications.

When he's not working, meditating, or cleaning house Vince can be found roaming the streets of Boulder, Colorado looking for good conversation and good tea. Fortunately Boulder often has both in plenitude.