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Duncan Campbell holds degrees from Yale College and Harvard Law School, and a Certificat from the Sorbonne.  In the last 40 years he has gained extensive experience in the fields of psychology, philosophy, spirituality, law, business, finance, politics, communications and teaching.  He has traveled widely in both industrial and developing countries, engaging indigenous cultures and receiving initiation in a number of traditions in various parts of the world.

Duncan has the unusual distinction of being the only person on the planet to have participated in Woodstock '69 and in the "Second Russian Revolution" on the barricades in front of the Russian White House in Moscow on the nights of August 20 & 21, 1991.  He also participated in the citizens' Global Forum at the Rio Earth Summit in 1992, and has made pilgrimages to a number of major sacred sites on five continents.

Part of Duncan’s unique background, in addition to his world travel and bridging of indigenous and modern cultures, is his pioneering experience and ability to successfully bring the lessons of evolutionary consciousness into the practical world of business and environmental green energy concerns.

Prior to hosting his Living Dialogues® programs and teaching his Art of Dialogue-TM workshops around the world, Duncan was a leading entrepreneurial lawyer, pioneering computer and high tech law in the Rocky Mountain Region and serving for a period as the Chairman of the Colorado Governor’s High Tech Committee.  He was also the lawyer and a co-founder of a wireless technology company that went public with over 200 employees at a valuation of 425 million dollars.  Following that, he served for three years as a director and counselor of an innovative solar energy company until it recently received its first venture capital investment of 22 million dollars.

Duncan presented on "The Art of Dialogic Myth-Making" at the Joseph Campbell Centenary "The Re-enchantment of the World", sponsored by the International Transpersonal Association in Palm Springs in June, 2004. He was the Master of Ceremonies of the Human Forum 2005 Conference sponsored by the Alliance for the New Humanity, leading nine dialogues over three days with many international participants, a very partial list including Jeffrey Sachs, Jeremy Rifkin, Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, Satish Kumar from England, Ashok Khosla, Vice-President of the Club of Rome from India, Andres Botran from Guatemala, and Prince Cedza Diamini and Jean-Paul Wobatai from Africa.

In June 2006 Duncan presented on "Dialogue as the Language of Evolutionary Transformation-TM" at the bi-annual Mythic Journeys Conference in Atlanta featuring over 100 presenters from around the world and nearly 1000 participants, and led a number of the major dialogues occurring there. He also returned to Puerto Rico in December 2006 to lead dialogues at the 2006 Human Forum, where he appeared with Deepak Chopra as one of his two guests on Deepak’s live Sirius satellite radio broadcast from the Conference. 

In these instances, drawing on his own Celtic heritage, Duncan has been inspired to help bring back the original bardic and shamanic spirit from earliest times to renew the sometimes flat role of "MC" into that of an enlivening Master of Ceremonies, assisting by framing and leading conversations as real dialogues rather than discussions, debates, or ordinary talking, in the opening of a deeper revelation and response when people gather to ignite and warm themselves around the fire of community.

Duncan has hosted his "Living Dialogues" program since 1995, first on public television, and now on radio and the Internet, with visionaries in many different fields.


Duncan’s program, Living Dialogues®, features conversations with other consciousness pioneers -- some known to a larger public and others lesser known or as yet unknown -- yet all embodying the best in new paradigm thinking in a broad variety of fields.  Duncan weaves together new and compelling perspectives on our shared experience from his own rich background and visionary worldview and that of the extraordinary range of people from around the world he dialogues with as personal friends. 

Each show creates and provides a different facet of the global, transforming and unifying vision emerging from the work of many to transform our individual lives, and our planet.  Through his Living Dialogues and Art of Dialogue workshops which he teaches internationally, Duncan is in continuing dialogue with people from a number of different cultures and of all ages, from children and teens to the 115 year-old yogi Prakashanand who mysteriously called Duncan to him in 1998 in the Himalayas.

At a time when many people desiring more awareness and joy are literally turning off the mainstream media in frustration and the desire to re-empower their lives and that of their children, Living Dialogues seeks to provide a transformative experiential medium of intimate sound and mutual illumination, evoking the power of love and empowering wisdom rather than the heat of discord and the spin of an argumentative and often narcissistic and impersonal media culture.

Living Dialogues provides programming that enriches the body, mind, soul and spirit.  It is a fire-keeping space where together, we can ignite each other's unique creative spark to bring forth our individual transformation and the evolution of our planetary community.  It is "Global Talk That Unites Us-TM", as you the active deep listeners on the Internet from all parts of the planet evoke the perspectives heard on Living Dialogues that can positively affect your personal life and your community.

What makes Living Dialogues exciting and interesting in today's Internet podcasting landscape is its use of unscripted, extemporaneous and passionate conversation, participated in by host and guest equally -- each providing provocative, useful information and viewpoints about those matters that most deeply affect us, and bringing forth each time in dialogue something new beyond what either of them could bring through alone.  Living Dialogues also explicitly acknowledges with great appreciation the truth, acknowledged by ancient wisdom cultures and today's cutting edge science, that you the actively attentive deep listener are a co-creative participant in the evocation and fresh experience of these conversations.

Duncan Campbell has been variously described by his internationally-renowned guests and listeners as "extremely articulate and eloquent", "quite knowledgeable about subject matters in many areas of life", "a fresh, profound and scintillating voice", "passionate, probing, educating and creative", "the best interviewer in the media", "a true visionary with a commanding knowledge of the most important issues of the day", "a world culture elder holding and weaving together the gifts of many traditions", "the most delightful, sophisticated, intelligent and heartful host that I have ever had on a talk show", and "a master of his art form...penetrating and sensitive, as well as funny and fun to be with".

Duncan's vision and bridging cross-cultural experience and knowledge in a wide variety of fields (see his Host Bio page), together with his mode of co-creative dialogue in engaging his guests, and the deep listening the Living Dialogues audience is known for, result in uniquely enriching programs which activate our personal potentials and evoke deeper and more interesting insights and experience than can be found on any such program on Google, Yahoo, or elsewhere.

Describing his experience as a guest early on in Living Dialogues in the traditional language of "interview", former holder of the World Wisdom Chair at Naropa University and founder of the Spiritual Eldering Institute, Rabbi Zalman Schacter-Shalomi said:  "Duncan Campbell's genius is in his fully entering the thought world of his interviewee.  With tact and discernment he elicits material beyond what is published.  A great interviewer".  And speaking for herself as guest and for the audience, Jean Houston expressed her appreciation:  "I love talking to Duncan Campbell.  He provides a positive challenge to his guests and to the audience.  Duncan makes you think at levels of things you had forgotten you really know."

As seen by Deepak Chopra:  “Duncan Campbell’s program, Living Dialogues, is a real trend-setter for the kind of media programming we need in the future.  It is uniquely transformative and deep.”<!-- End Main Content --> <!-- Start Sidebar -->