Brian Johnson: Host of PhilosophersNotes

Philosophers Notes

Brian's always been passionate about understanding what makes great people great and applying the truths they embodied to make his little dent in the universe. 

After selling his last business (Zaadz) and traveling for a bit, Brian decided to give himself a Ph.D. in Optimal Living with a Specialization in Greatness and Bliss. 

He figured he’d get a Master’s when he’d distilled 100 of his favorite books into concise, fun, inspiring summaries. Then, on a flight from Tokyo to LA, he had one of those “Aha!/hallelujah!!” moments when he opened the SkyMall to an ad for a company that summarized business books for “busy executives.” He decided someone should do summaries of self-development books for the “busy self-actualizer” and that that someone should be him. ☺

Enter: PhilosophersNotes. (Imagine CliffsNotes. Only shorter. And cooler. And a *lot* more inspiring. ☺)

He's currently on sabbatical in Bali working his way through two suitcases of books while he re-wires his consciousness, creates PhilosophersNotes #51-100 and enjoys daily massage and sunrise yoga.

He's 34.