Tripp Lanier: Men's Coach and Host of The New Man Podcast

The New Man

Tripp Lanier has achieved success in fields as diverse as business, the arts, and personal development. As an award winning producer, successful business leader, and "integral" coach he has helped hundreds of professionals tap more of their innate potential to realize their entrepreneurial, creative and personal visions. Tripp owned a video editing facility for 12 years with clients ranging from ESPN to Senatorial political campaigns. As an artist, he's performed with, recorded and produced acts such as Hank Madison, Screaming Witness and the inimitable Stuart Davis. He also partnered with Integral Institute in the formative Integral Art Salon gatherings and as a Co-Director for the Integral University Art Center.

Whether he's coaching men on their sticking points with women or creating a music record in Hollywood, it's Tripp's ability to "drill down" to the essence of a project that makes him so valuable. Tripp is currently a facilitator/course leader in training for Authentic SF and the Authentic Man Program. He lives in Boulder, Colorado where he coaches and consults clients nationwide. For more information visit