Keren: OneTaste Community Member

After many years as a full-time artist and art admininstrator, Keren found the path of personal growth and purpose through sensuality. As a community member in the OneTaste New York center, she is devoted to exploring personal expression and relationship as a practice. Having entered the realm of sensual practice with a committed partner, Keren is in the process of discovering the many forms relationships can take and the delight of infinite possiblity.

As an artist and educator, Keren seeks ways to bring deep internal states to consciousness through the vehicles of sensuality, creative expression and community. She is currently training to be a sensuality and art coach in the OneTaste Coaching Program and has already begun working with artists, helping them close the gap between their internal state and the work that they produce. She believes that all people have a seed of passion, desire and truth inside them and she is committed to the exploration of that seed and discovering ways that bring it to the surface.