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Aging Gratefully episode 23: Losing Your Virginity After 40: Sunny Hersh

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What happens when a woman who talks health and motivation for a living hits menopause with a bang? That’s what happened to wellness educator Sunny Hersh, and she decided that when the going gets tough, the tough do research. Combining her experience in inspiration with her expertise in health and relationships, Sunny has written two extraordinary digests of wisdom for those over 40 – Is it HOT in here, or am I just HOT? and Midlife Mamas on the Moon. Quoting midlife mentors and sex-perts, she captures the highlights of hundreds of books and websites and combines them with her own special shortcuts to maximizing a woman’s mind, body, and spirit.

Sunny’s fiercely honest, you-go-girl style makes it easy to laugh at the psychotic mood swings, uncontrolled periods, sexual changes and frustrating doctor visits of those in their 40’s, 50’s and beyond. Her useful checklists and no-nonsense resources reflect her business background, cutting through the fluff to the core benefits of targeted lifestyle change, bioidentical hormones, better sex-communication, and cutting-edge energy and libido boosters.

In her TV, radio, newspaper and online interviews, she sells women on the important choices they can make to function at the highest level. Sunny enlists the professional review of top experts in supplementation, men’s midlife changes, careers, and medicine in her online newsletter Boomer Bites and her lectures, seminars, and workshops for women’s groups.

Practical observations from the front lines of a 33-year marriage and raising two successful young adults lend an authentic, proactive slant to her advice on transforming your relationships. Sunny’s robust and energetic style will convince you that over-40’s aren’t over the hill, they’ve moved the hill back!