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Aging Gratefully episode 22: Spiritually Integrated Psychotherapy – Dr. Kenneth Pargament

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Kenneth I. Pargament is a professor of psychology who works for the Bowling Green State University, and who is licensed in Clinical Psychology. He received his Ph.D at the University of Maryland in 1977. He currently studies various relationships between religion, psychological well-being and stress, as well as other closely related subjects.

Pargament has published papers in the "Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion", which illustrates how he has become a significant contributor to the field of psychology of religion. He has distinguished three types of styles for coping with stress:

Collaborative,in which people co-operate with God to deal with stressful events; Deferring,in which people leave everything to God; Self-directed,in which people do not rely on God and try exclusively to solve problems by their own efforts.

Pargament has helped to design a questionnaire to measure these,theRCOPE,helping to link psychometrics andthe psychology of religion.Pargament has also linked attribution theory to the psychology of religion, doing empirical research distinguishing between different forms of religious attribution.