Mary Katherine "Kat" Calderon: Communication, mediation, shame-busting, sex-positive advocacy

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Sex, Love and Intimacy episode 43: Kat Calderon: Breaking Through the Shame Around Sexuality

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Kat Calderon is a woman of power, heart, insight and compassion. She is a master in the field of relationships communication at home and in her work.  Kat  has trained with the Human Awareness Institute (HAI) Love, Intimacy and Sexuality workshops as a workshop facilitator and has lead support groups, follow-up events, introductory events and community nights for HAI. She is also a HAI Intern and has been active supporting HAI workshops around the world for 11 years both in the Room of Love and as a Marketing Consultant. Kat brings her insight, compassion, caring and attitude of openness and acceptance to her leadership role in HAI and her own work. In addition to her HAI experience, Kat leads communications workshops, parenting trainings, couples classes and community building weekends with her husband and HAI facilitator, Chip August. Her sexuality awareness and training includes tantra with Lori Grace, Robert Frey and Johanina Wicoff. She has taught basic tantra breathing techniques and worked with coach Kevin Breheny on G-spot therapy. Kat has also been a student of Stan Dale and Anne Watts in the areas of love and intimacy. Kat is a certified Parent Effectiveness Trainer and has lead Parent Effectiveness Trainings since 1997. She is an advocate of "parenting without punishment" as a parenting philosophy developed by Thomas Gordon, author of PET, Parent Effectiveness Training. In the corporate arena, Kat has a successful career in the field of communications and she provides communications services to the insurance, international trade, government and small business. She lives in Northern California with her husband, her children, and their lovable mutt, Mischa.

Sexuality Teachers and Training:
Lori Grace - Tantra
Robert Frey - Tantra
Johanina Wicoff - Tantra
Stan Dale - Intimacy & Love
Kevin Breheny - G-Spot Therapy
Anne Watts - Intimacy & Love