Duane Light: Consultant for Intentional or Eco-Community Development

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Living Green episode 33: Your Eco-Community Questionaire - Duane Light

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Duane is a California holistic lawyer, flutist, business, nonprofit and community consultant, mediator and life coach.    Duane’s social awakening occurred in 1979, when he became a County coordinator for a citizen Initiative that succeeded in keeping nuclear power out of the State of Montana. He was also the representative plaintiff in a Montana Supreme Court constitutional case that expanded the First Amendment right to petition in the State. 

Duane attended law school in Seattle, with the aim of gaining skills to be of better service.  He started a law student internship with Greenpeace in 1985 that continues to this day. Working with a coalition of 45 separate groups, Duane helped shut down the Hanford nuclear facility in Washington State.

After law school Duane worked many years with environmental, peace and human rights groups and eventually was funded to travel to Malaysia and Borneo for Friends of the Earth Malaysia to help protect the rainforest and native rights.  

Meditation and silence form the core of his service.  Duane has lived in Asia for nearly 5 years, studying yoga, meditation, tai chi and chi gung and completing four Goenka Vipassana retreats.   In Taiwan, Duane also organized a conference attended by 45 teachers on how to teach English using nature and the environment as subjects.  This work grew into a book he published in 1991 titled “Teaching English Through Nature.” 

Duane researched and wrote about community in both college and law school, lived in several group houses, and has been a resident and member of two spiritual communities.  He presently is a member of Oneness Communitas, a non-residential community in the Ashland, Oregon area.  He is a professional Life Coach, and integrates a spiritually-based, client-centered approach in all of his work.  He is also a musician, playing the Indian Bansuri flute for a Kirtan group and recording with different artists. 

He has studied with Diana Leafe Christian (editor for 14 years of “Communities” magazine), and since 1995 has advised communities on all levels – organizational, financial, fundraising, relationship/communication skills and legal/business issues.  You can find out more about Duane at www.LightOnTheLaw.com or http://www.successatthespeedoflight.com