Rabbi Gershon Winkler: Founder and executive director of the Walking Stick Foundation

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Aging Gratefully episode 20: Aging and the Kaballah: Rabbi Gershon Winkler

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Rabbi Gershon Winkler is the author of Magic of the Ordinary: Recovering the Shamanic in Judaism -- and founder and executive director of the Walking Stick Foundation, dedicated to the research and recovery of aboriginal Jewish mystery wisdom.  Gershon was initiated in Jerusalem back in 1978 and has since been teaching workshops and seminars on the Kabbalah across North America, Europe, Israel, and Latin America.  Author of fourteen books, mostly on Jewish theology, mysticism and philosophy, Rabbi Winkler spent the past 26 years living in the wilderness across rural West Virginia and New Mexico, and now resides in Thousand Oaks.

Some of the questions Rabbi Winkler answers are:

What does Judaism have to say about what we are referring to as the Third Age, cosmically and microcosmically?  What does the Kabbalah have to say about Third Age consciousness?  You teach and write about aboriginal Judaism  -- why do you feel that going way back is of benefit to us in the Third Age?  What can we do to prepare ourselves for the Third Age; what sort of mindset do we need to play with to cope with this very unique period of our lives?