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Sex - Tantra and Kama Sutra episode 39: I WORSHIP YOUR SCENTED ROSE with Stuart Sovatsky

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Stuart Sovatsky (AB Religion, Princeton University; PhD; Psychology, CIIS) received the only US Federal grant (1976) to bring yoga and Sanskrit chanting to incarcerated youth, was first in the US to introduce yoga (1978) to the homeless mentally-ill; convened the first International Prison Yoga Conference and is initiating co-convener of the forty-country World Congress on Psychology and Spirituality, 2008, in Delhi, India, with Robert Thurman, Stan Grof and BKS Iyengar. He has presented on tantra yoga at some forty conferences in the US, India, France, Germany, and Russia.

His books include Words From the Soul, (SUNY) Eros, Consciousness & Kundalini (US, India, Russia) and the poetic work on tantric sexuality, Your Perfect Lips: Journal and chapter topics include "The History of Euro-Hinduism" (Robert Thurman, editor), suicidal linguistics, awe and terror in infant crying, grihasthya (sacred family life), Buddhist impermanence and psychopathology, spiritual psychology of eros and gender, the enneagram, Greco-Christian forgiveness psychology and Meher Baba and clinical admiration.

A 35 year kundalini yoga anahata nad chant-master, he has three CDs with Axis Mundi and has performed in the US, France, Germany, Russia and India. A psychotherapist specializing in transforming troubled marriages, he directs the first "spiritual emergence" service in the world, the Kundalini Clinic, since 1983, and Blue Oak Berkeley Counseling since 1991 and is on faculty in East-West Psychology and was a trustee for the California Institute of Integral Studies from 1991 til 2007. He is copresident of the US Association for Transpersonal Psychology and was founding consultant to the $34M award-winning, largest green-design complex in California. He has received scholarships and grants from NY State Regents, Princeton University, NJ State Judiciary, NJ State Law Enforcement, CIIS, California Yoga Teachers Association, Kaiser Hospital, Eduoard Segelaev (Russia) and Andrey Bunich (Russia).