Lorraine Platt: Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

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Fearless Lover episode 12: Spiritual Love Relationships

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Lorraine Platt is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Mill Valley CA.  Her mission is empowering individuals to create fulfilling romantic partnerships that inspire their greatest potential.  She draws from a variety of disciplines including breath and body-centered therapies.  Her unique approach combines meditation, attachment-based approaches and Focusing.  She specializes in guiding men and women to value themselves and attract their ideal partner.

Lorraine and her husband, Richard founded Passion & Purpose, a joint practice dedicated to helping men and women heal themselves through their connections with each other.  They facilitate sessions for singles and couples longing to create lasting intimacy and are available as a team to offer both the male and female perspective on relationships.  Lorraine can be reached at (415) 302-1700 or by visiting www.passionpurpose.org.