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Living Green episode 31: National Eco-Literacy & Urban Living- Stacey Frost

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As is often the case, the most successful ideas come from asking the simplest of questions. In the case of urban environmentalist Stacey Frost, the question was “What if…?” and the answer was Urban Re:Vision, an organization consisting of dedicated professionals across a variety of fields committed to creating the national prototype for sustainable urban living. Ms. Frost’s systematic approach to implementing change coupled with a deep understanding of the relationship between environment and the human condition, has helped position her as a driving force in the New Urbanism movement.

From growing up on a ranch in Pennsylvania where she learned to buy and sell cattle to graduating from renowned Princeton University with a degree in neuropsychology to becoming the youngest female option trader on the floor of the American Stock Exchange, Stacey Frost has excelled at each diverse juncture of her career.

After leaving the fast-paced world of option trading, she and her husband pursued professional opportunities in Japan prior to returning to Philadelphia, PA where Stacey decided to cultivate a career in a field for which she had a lifelong appreciation, the renovation of homes. Again, she quickly rose to prominence and became well-known throughout Philadelphia for her work which married aesthetic beauty with intelligent design.

2003 found Stacey Frost moving to San Francisco where she narrowed her focus to the renovation of historical homes although her work now incorporated a longtime passion; sustainability. Her recognition of the need for sustainable environments, particularly in urban areas which contain the vast majority of toxic building materials, was born from her love of science and background in Neuropsychology.

After soliciting leading professionals in the LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability) industry to better determine the most effective way to incorporate sustainability into our nation’s large cities. It was this systematic approach to what might seem like an insurmountable problem that provided her with the blueprint for what would become Urban Re:Vision.

Honored by San Francisco Magazine as the “Bay Area’s Most Forward-Thinking Company” in their 2007 “Best Of...” issue, Urban Re:Vision, is a six-part, international competition to solicit innovative, actionable plans from industry professionals and concerned citizens that address the environmental, transportation, energy, economic and design needs of our cities. Stacey understands that a great shift in the way individuals seek to live is taking place and by taking large ideas and narrowing them into an accessible process, true change can exist.

By working in conjunction with nature, not against it, by empowering people, not eliminating their options and by coordinating the efforts of some of the most innovative thinkers in the field today, Stacey and Urban Re:Vision have struck a chord that is resonating throughout the world, evidenced by the hundreds of proposal received for the six competition phases of Urban Re:Vision.

Her forward-thinking has resulted in a revolutionary method for promoting change and has garnered support from leaders in the field who anticipate the completed Re:Vision project as serving as a template for actionable change throughout the United States.

In addition, Stacey has just launched a national eco-literacy campaign titled Envision 2050 which asks students to create posters that represent the way see their world in the year 2050. With such partners as the Natural World Museum, The Earth Day Network, Focus the Nation, Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak and eco-activist Van Jones, the program is sure to provide an important bridge for the younger generation to join in the national dialogue on environmental issues.

Stacey currently lives in San Francisco with her two sons and in her rare free time enjoys playing the piano, writing music, yoga, reading and can occasionally be found surfing the waves of the Pacific Ocean.