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Living Green episode 30: Creating Sustainable Communities with Brian Weller

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As a youth, Brian was selected as a principal soloist by Benjamin Britten to star in the opera Noyes Fludde. He sang for Vaughan Williams and became head chorister with the Royal School of Church Music in Great Britain.  

Brian gained his masters degree in industrial design engineering with work in applied psychology at the Birmingham College of Art and Design and Aston University in Great Britain. As a staff member with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, he became a teacher of Transcendental Meditation and the Science of Creative intelligence in the early 1970’s, ran teacher training courses and brought meditation to 1000’s of people across Europe. His study of Vedic science, neurolinguistics and mass communication has become a life long passion. 
He is a Fellow of the Post Carbon Institute and was a co-founder of HighWired Technologies, a California company that is providing customized soundscapes to the internet and the telecommunications industry.  Well-known as an innovator, creativity consultant and strategic thinker, Brian has co-founded two international consulting firms specializing in brain/mind learning technologies and organizational development. He is one of the originators of mind mapping, is a fine artist and theatrical set designer.

Since 1979, Brian has worked as an organizational learning consultant and secured a substantial number of Fortune 100 clients, including the British Broadcasting Corporation, Lloyds Bank International, IBM, Shell International Petroleum and Imperial Chemical Industries. During the 1980’s, he worked with 5 departments of the British Civil Service giving seminars and trainings on cultural and organizational change. 

Brian has contributed to 2 books on the themes of learning and critical social change, the Brain Book and The White Hole in Time by Peter Russell. He is a co-founder and spokesman for Willits Economic Localization, a leading edge town in Northern California dedicated to building community wide sustainability. Brian was recently one of 112 invited specialists at the international forum ‘Dropping Knowledge’ in Berlin. He is currently a Fellow and Senior Strategic Adviser with HoloGenesis, a California internet start-up company where he is responsible for creating their semantic web.3.0 sustainability and green commerce strategy.