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Aging Gratefully episode 15: Asking For Help in Times of Need with Nora Klaver

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An executive coach with twenty years of experience in developing corporate leaders, Mary Nora Klaver understands the challenges behind holistic change in business environments. Changing anything or anyone in plain view of the office is almost always uncomfortable and challenging. To make it work, Ms. Klaver offers alternative perspectives; new ways of seeing any issue. It is often a simple shift in perspective that allows her clients to move beyond their self-created barriers to achieve personal and professional fulfillment.

Ms. Klaver’s approach capitalizes on the strengths and innate motivations of the individual client. She recognizes and relies upon the powerful cohesion of mind, body and emotion to indicate and effect change. Readers, audiences and clients alike are regularly impressed by her ability to make emotionally difficult topics easier to address through her light, sense of humor.

Clients include “C” level executives at Leo Burnett, Starcom MediaVest Group, and Fischer Edit, as well as senior executives at American Movie Classics and the marketing departments within NCR Corporation and Hitachi Consulting.  Other client groups include Allstate Financial and Protection Services, PMUSA, and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.

Ms. Klaver’s business experience includes a management role with a top six management consulting firm, as well as founder and president of her own consultancy and coaching practices.

Her first book, Mayday! Asking for Help in Times of Need, is on,, and in bookstores everywhere.