Joshua: OneTaste Resident

Joshua was born in Phoenix, Arizona. He moved with his family to the Bay Area at age 13.

Joshua graduated from SF State in 2004 with a degree in creative writing and a minor in drama. He began his path of exploration in sensuality and spirituality in 1998 after meeting Nicole Daedone, the founder of OneTaste. In July 2004, he helped open OneTaste San Francisco. Since that time, he has played many roles, including store manager, Center manager and director of Fill Up America (OneTaste’s nonprofit arm). In spring 2007, he moved to New York to help start OneTaste New York. He returned to San Francisco in January 2008.

Joshua grew up trying to be a very nice person and failing miserably, neither able to connect with people, nor attract women. Through his work at OneTaste, he has learned to accept that real connection is not necessarily nice.