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Living Green episode 29: Starting Community Supported Agriculture (CSA's)

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Frinee Warren is a mother to Enzo, age 9, Axel, age 2, and owner of   Sprout-About (O.k. and she's also married to Orlando, the Sprout-About IT department).  Before her latest venture, she created and ran a wildly successful business preparing and delivering tasty, nutritionally appropriate foods for post-partum moms.  With her second child just months old, she soon realized that preparing food for many moms as well as keeping her ravenous brood well fed was hard work.  She dropped the apron, left the kitchen and started trucking.

During one of the last times she cooked, a friend of hers saw her kitchen table full of beautiful, locally grown organic produce.  The aforementioned friend said, "If you can get more of that, I'd love to buy some from you."  Creative juices swirling she researched the possibility of delivering organic veggies (i.e. she Googled). She found that there were many similar businesses offering produce delivery, but none in the local area, and none that specialized in locally grown produce.'s model is viable because we happen to live in such a mild area that there are always seasonal delights to be savored.

Delivering to the Ventura and Santa Barbara areas every week, she brings just picked, locally and organically grown produce to both work places and homes.  Most of the produce is picked the day before she delivers, and some is picked that same delivery day.  With Patagonia being such a leader in all things ecological, it's no wonder she would like to duplicate the set up she has going with them.  She delivers to Patagonia employees once a week at the Ventura headquarters.  One stop, lots of deliveries.  Good for the gas tank and good for the employees who love the convenience and the tasty goods! To Yvon Chouinard's book detailing Patagonia's business ethic "Let My People Go Surfing" she would like to add the byline "... and let them eat Broccoli".  Go to for more information.