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Sex, Love and Intimacy episode 33: Catherine Rose: Exotic Dance and Women’s Sensual Movement

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Catherine started her career as an exotic dancer at age 18, part-time, while still a student. When she retired at 31, friends kept inviting her to teach them “a few sexy moves.” Catherine obliged by offering small workshops in sensual dance exclusively to her closest friends and communities in 2000.  This is how Ms. Rose came to develop her love of erotic movement and working with women into a full time business that now includes ongoing classes, private lessons, bachelorette parties, and an award winning tour of strip clubs

Known for her professional (yet personal) approach, Catherine Rose will put you at ease with her supportive, respectful style of teaching, helping you to reconnect with your sexy feminine essence. Having actually worked in the field for years before becoming teacher, Catherine is uniquely qualified to demystify exotic dance concepts and techniques, as well as the practice of the profession. After being a dancer, she explored a wide range of courses in sexuality as a path for personal and spiritual growth, which she also brings to this work.

"Exotic Dance is an empowering form of self-expression and physical fitness to be enjoyed by all women, regardless of age or body type. My intention is to create a safe, non-judgmental and playful environment where women of all ages and body types can step into feeling more sexy and alive in their bodies and in their lives."   --- Catherine Rose, Leading expert in the field of exotic dance for fitness, fun and empowerment

Ms Rose's professional development includes courses in sexuality from the:

Catherine spends her time outside of work enjoying music, dance (aerial dance, acroyoga, 5 Rhythms Dance, Contact Improv.) and personal growth workshops. She holds a degree in Fine Arts.

Slinky Productions has been featured in local publicationsThe San Francisco Chronicle, Tease Magazine, Clean Sheets, and  national publications Red Book Magazine & The Curve. She has been featured on local radio shows including KFOG's Fog Files, Sex with Emily, and on several national & international radio programs. Catherine has been featured in podcast' interviews such as Burning Man's Burncast &  inChip August's Sex Love & Intimacy programSlinky Productions is a  Best of the Bay Guardian Winner 2005 & 2007