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Living Green episode 28: Finding our Way Forward at age 23, Shane Metcalf

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Shane Metcalf is a recent college graduate who is busy looking for his next job in the green business field.

Prior to graduation, Shane was a research associate for the clean technology investment consulting firm, Aquillian Investments, LLC. Shane joined Aquillian in late 2006 as a way to leverage his experience and passion in the environmental solutions field and help investors allocate their funds into high yield alternative assets that are funding the next generation of technologies and companies that are fueling the resource efficiency and clean energy revolution.

Prior to Joining Aquillian, Shane worked for Pacific Partners Intl. and The Mailman Foundation in New York City where he studied with and worked for investors and philanthropists dedicated to using financial resources for restoring cultural and biological ecosystems.

As creative director and product manager for tmrw inc. an innovative organic fast food chain based in New York, Shane collaborated with the Mcdonough Braungart Design Collective to create cradle to cradle packaging strategies for the quick serve industry. While at tmrw inc. Shane was also responsible for investor outreach and led a marketing campaign to address the needs of the values driven female consumer.

While an Intern at Air America Radio, Shane was a research assistant to Bobby Kennedy Jr. on the radio show “Ring of Fire” which is broadcast on over 70 radio stations throughout the country.

Shane received his B.A. in environmental and social justice from the New College of California in the fall of 2007.