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On the Minds of Men episode 26: Getting Real…a discussion about sex and how the media affects our sex lives with Judith Steinhart

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Judith Steinhart is an independent consultant specializing in Health and Sexuality.  Before working independently, Judith most recently worked at Columbia University as a health educator, coordinating events and projects such as Sex Awareness Week and programs for New Student Orientation. Judith also co-created and worked on Columbia’s popular and perhaps the oldest interactive health Q&A service, Go Ask Alice! for 13 years. She has worked with, taught, and learned from thousands of students and their families at schools such as Brooklyn College, Stony Brook University, Indiana University, Nassau Community College, Virginia Commonwealth University, College of New Rochelle, and New York University. Before working at Columbia, Judith coordinated training programs for the NYC Department of Health and for the Greater New York March of Dimes. Through meeting and working with people from diverse backgrounds, Judith has learned about a wider range of anxieties, hopes, fears, and obstacles in daily life and in times of transition, which she incorporates into her work.