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Aging Gratefully episode 11: Surviving Male Menopause with Jed Diamond

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As a licensed psychotherapist for over 40 years, Jed Diamond has been a pioneer in the emerging field of male gender medicine and healthy aging. He is the author of seven books, including the international best sellers Male Menopause (Sourcebooks, 1998) and The Irritable Male Syndrome (Rodale, 2005). His books have been translated into 24 foreign languages.

Jed is the director of MenAlive, a health program that helps men live long and well. He is a member of the International Society for the Study of the Aging Male, and serves as a member of the International Scientific Board of the World Congress on Men's Health. He consults with businesses in the United States and throughout the world, helping them provide gender-specific health care services. He is also a popular speaker, providing the latest information on sex, health and gender.

Jed has taught classes at UC Berkeley, UCLA, John F. Kennedy University, Esalen Institute, The Omega Institute and throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. He is presently completing a doctorate in International Health.

He lives with his wife, Carlin, in Northern California. They are the proud parents of five grown children and 10 grandchildren.