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Just For Women episode 9: "3 Men Tell Us What Turns Them ON" with Relationship Experts Travis Decker, Neo Young and Andrew Bancroft

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Neo has been the crucible of several communities developing and exploring consciousness, intimacy, authenticity, and sensuality for over 7 years. He uses his skills as a master practitioner and trainer of Neuro-Linguistic programming, certified hypnotherapist, and life-coach to share his wisdom about relationships, deep connection, and sensual artistry. Neo teaches men about the refined aspects of attracting, connecting, and pleasuring women. His website, is a gateway to his teachings that take men through the 3 stages and 9 phases of the relationship dance in a way that gives men specific distinctions, inner preparation, and exercises that systematically lead them to progressive mastery. The intention of this work is to holistically lead men from creating potent attraction with women, to building profound intimacy, to combining technical and emotional mastery to draw forth the most ecstatic pleasures, to ultimate communion where the merging becomes a portal to the divine.