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Living Green episode 16: The Role of Independent Media

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Carolyn Parrs is a host and co-founder of the popular eco-podcast, America the Green ( She is also a founder of Mind Over Markets, a marketing/business development company in Santa Fe, New Mexico dedicated to helping green companies grow ( Carolyn is also a Life and Spiritual Coach ( Tidbits about Carolyn: Creator and Host of a popular TV Show in CT and NYC, Inner Journey Wilderness “fasting” retreat in Abiquiu, NM brought awakenings Two beautiful children, Joelle (8) and Zack (14), go to Waldorf School Two rescue pups named “Heart and Soul” and cat, Marble-eyes 15 years as a spiritual healer and certified yoga teacher An entrepreneur for over 20 years . Prior to forming Mind Over Markets, she worked as a Marketing Director, Consultant and Senior Copywriter at several top advertising agencies and non-profit organizations in New York City and Connecticut including Benton & Bowles, Wunderman Worldwide, Western Connecticut State University and Very Special Arts. Her clients include Fortune 500 companies as well as non-profit organizations and small to medium-sized businesses nationwide. Her experience in both the creative and the business aspects of marketing led to the development and marketing of her own company, Poochi Canine Couture, Inc., a company that manufactured and designed fashion pet accessories and apparel. Poochi sold in over 1,000 department stores, pet stores and mass market chains nationwide including Bloomingdales, Neiman Marcus, Macy’s, Harrod’s of London, Dayton-Hudson, the Spiegal Catalog, Target, Venture and Ames stores. After four years, Poochi was acquired by a 24 billion-dollar food conglomerate. She and her products have appeared on television shows such as Good Morning America, ABC News, CBS News and on numerous radio and cable shows such as HBO, CNN and Lifetime Channel. Magazine and newspaper coverage include The New York Times, L.A. Times, Wall Street Journal, People Magazine and Cosmopolitan. Carolyn is also a long-time student and practitioner of holistic health. She has taught Meditation, Yoga and Body & Energy Therapies at Western Connecticut State University, Danbury and Wilton Public Schools, Danbury Hospital and at Fortune 500 companies. As Director of Marketing at the Institute for Holistic Health Studies at Western Connecticut State University, Carolyn produced and marketed special events and programs to sold-out audiences featuring speakers such as Jean Houston, Dr. Joan Borysenko and Neale Donald Walsch. She was the Creator, Producer and Host of Inner Journey, a popular television talk show that focused on personal growth and health. Some of the guests Carolyn has interviewed include Dr. Bernie Siegel, Dr. Caroline Myss, Dr. Joan Borysenko and Gabrielle Roth. Inner Journey reached over 1.7 million homes in NYC, CT and NJ.