Marc Canter: Founder Broadband Mechanics

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DishyMix episode 21: Marc Canter, Broadband Mechanics on Open Social Networks, Threesomes and Cutting Through the Bull

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Marc is involved in promulgating open standards for new kinds of micro-content; including people (FOAF), media (OpenMedia) and events (OpenEvents.)  Broadband Mechanics designs and builds digital lifestyle aggregators (DLAs) for customers like Ziff-Davis Media (,, and AlwaysOn Network.  Broadband Mechanics is also working with Laszlo Systems to build hot compelling interfaces for these DLAs (which are the next generation portal.) Prior Marc founded a company named MacroMind which became MacroMedia. Marc was part of the team that created the first multimedia player, the first cross-platform authoring system and the world's leading multimedia platform.