Erwan Davon and Alicia Bayer: Master Teachers in Sensuality

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Expanded Lovemaking episode 12: Turning On! with Sex, Love, and Attention with Erwan Devon and Alicia Bayer, Founders and Teachers of the Pleasure Course

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Erwan Davon founded Beyond Education after leading seminars for several of the world’s foremost personal development organizations. Prior to this, Erwan was deeply engaged in Eastern Spiritual disciplines; he served as the director of a Yoga Ashram and lived in a Zen monastery. He also spent time studying, researching, and teaching high level sensuality material. This training and experience, as well as a degree in psychology, provided a foundation from which to develop an extraordinarily effective style of teaching. It also provided a wide body of information to draw from. Erwan then developed the Beyond Education curriculum by emphasizing personal research into life’s most pleasurable and sensitive areas.