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Just For Women episode 3: Five Principles for Becoming a Radiant Woman with Alexis Sheppard and Shana Weinstein

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Shana Weinstein brings women and men together to experience and explore intimate and authentic relationships. Her coaching and group work illuminate individuals’ innate wisdom, revealing the power we have to create full and passionate lives. She works with the intensity of relationships to evoke healing and connection.
Shana has a Masters degree in Integral Psychology from John F. Kennedy University. She is a founding member of Authentic SF, a course leader for The Authentic Woman Experience™ and a facilitator for The Authentic Man Program™. Shana is also a personal coach and a course leader for the Arête Center for Excellence. She draws from a diverse background of personal study, including yoga, Diamond Heart Practice, somatic inquiry and meditation. <!-- End Main Content --> <!-- Start Sidebar -->