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Just For Women episode 10: “Revealing the Hidden Powers of Women” with Kristine Catalina, Relationship Expert and Humorist

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Kristine Catalina begins each day renewing the commitment she made to herself over ten years ago – to deliver the positive dynamics and benefits of man/woman relationships to thousands of people world wide.  Her aim is to assist people in exploring, understanding and accepting the differences between the sexes in an empowering way.

A businesswoman by trade, Kristine was a pioneer in discovering the benefits of the Human Potential Movement of the 1960’s, studying with such leaders as Dr. Fernando Flores, Werner Erhard and Maharishi Mahesh Yogi & Dr. Vic Baranco.

This period of self-examination had a profound effect on the course of Kristine’s life and led her to take a staff position with Landmark Education in Vancouver, B.C.  She was soon promoted to Center Manager in Montreal, where she was to meet her future husband and Relationship Coach partner, John Catalina.  After a year in Montreal, she was invited to move to San Francisco where she was in charge of enrollment for the satellite broadcast for Forum Workshops.  During this time Kristine discovered that people really can easily and rapidly alter the amount of happiness and effectiveness in their lives.

In 1985, Kristine resigned after 5 years with Landmark and began her studies specifically focusing on man/woman relationships at the Institute of Human Effectiveness, an organization committed to the research of sensuality, man/woman interactions, communications and alternative lifestyles.  In 1985 Kristine experienced a major pivotal insight about man/woman relationships:  “God created us equal …  and very different”.  Kristine realized that when these differences are not exposed and taken into account, relationships suffer unnecessarily.

Kristine’s experiences led her to a commitment of ongoing learning that integrates body, mind & spirit.  She uniquely brings an ability to share her spiritual perspective on how people can loves themselves more, become a Gift for each other and be present to the ongoing opportunity of choosing Love over Fear.

Since 1991 she has been teaching relationship courses throughout the US and Canada and currently specializes in one on one coaching with singles and couples.  She is author of “Man Woman Relationships Made Easy”, endorsed by John Gray and Jack Canfield.  Kristine was born and raised in Vancouver, B.C. and currently resides in Del Mar, California.

To find out more about Kristine, you can go to her website at, or email her at [email protected].

You can purchase her book "Man Woman Relationships Made Easy" in  paper back
or e-book on line, or you can order her 2 CD set where she  covers all the
principles she's been teaching on the Man Woman  Dynamic in 3 hours.  Or if you want the E-Ticket ride and you are really ready to wake up to the magnificent being you are - you can call her for personalized coaching at 858 442 4426.

What folks have said about Kristine's book and style of working -

"Your book is very simple, clear, full of sights and inspiration.   I am enjoying learning about relating to women in a mindful, attentive, open, sensitive & caring way.  I really appreciate your attitude and your way of being in the world.  You are an example of manifesting blessings, because of the energy you are and project.   Thank you so much for being so caring.  I know that I want to be as loving a person as you are."   J. Castro, San Diego

"Kristine is phenomenal and her approach is much better than any other relationship coach I have every met.  She helps empower women to be in touch with the strength inside - to be the best they can be in relationships with others and to be the power behind our men, such that men want to do everything they can for us” L. Melby, Santa Monica