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Just For Women episode 28: "Staying in Love: Tantra is way more than Sexual Technique" with Kali Ma

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Kali Ma is a spiritual teacher, inspiration and mentor to thousands of people around the world. She teaches in the tradition of the unorthodox, Yogic style of the MahaSiddhas which she inherited. Her work is joyful and radically committed to the essence of the path: sane, natural, awake way of being.  Above all, her teaching is how all of life can be transformed into the path to realization, including relationship, work, family and formal spiritual practice.

Kali Ma has dedicated her life to the spiritual awakening of humanity. She shares advanced teachings in the most experiential, direct and essential way, making them accessible to people in all walks of life. She specializes in training people how to sustain and nourish the state of being in love, an education that is sorely lacking in modern society. Her sophisticated yet profoundly straight-forward teachings also emphasize living according to the principles Ayurvedic Wisdom, the natural medicine of the Himalayas. These Ayurvedic principles bring great light to how mind and emotions can be cleared, how to dissolve the root causes of disease, and how to live a life in harmony with the natural world.

A Westerner, at a young age Kali Ma was recognized as a Siddha, and has been transforming lives ever since.  Kali Ma is the spiritual leader of MahaSiddha Dharma, and is Founder and Director of its non-profit public charity since 1999.  She has founded the Trigug Retreat in Santa Cruz, the MahaSiddha Center in Berkeley, a MahaSiddha Dharma community in Grass Valley and over twelve other different residential practice communities, as well as co-founded two Ayurveda & Panchakarma clinics. She has created four intensive training courses in Meditation and Hatha Yoga, has established and sustains an esoteric school for students including beginning levels and the most advanced. She tours regularly throughout California, Georgia, New York, Nepal and India giving teachings, trainings, transmissions and guiding groups in meditation, yogic practices and healing.  She is the author of two books; Doorways to Enlightenment, Peacock in the Garden of Poisons; and over 20 audio-teachings.