Evalena Rose: M.A., MetaTherapist and Tantra teacher

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Sex - Tantra and Kama Sutra episode 16: Puja: Erotic Worship & Intimate Presence with Evalena Rose MA, creator of "Blissfire Tantra a Women's Erotic Pleasuring Meditation, Tantra Teacher for 14 years, and spiritual therapist.

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Evalena Rose, M. A., MetaTherapist and Tantra teacher, does in-depth counseling for individuals and couples, multi-dimensional bodywork and channeling.  She has led intimacy workshops and Goddess-centered rituals for 30 years, leading to the founding in 1997 of LoveJourney: the Healing path of Tantra for Women.  She has pioneered new combinations of Tantra and intimacy training for lesbian and bisexual women and couples, opening new doors for women loving women.  She conducts periodic Pujas, sacred rituals for men and women to practice erotic and romantic arts within a container of love, respect, and honoring. Evalena has trained extensively in body-centered therapies, inner child work, psychic & spiritual healing, soul retrieval, Tantra, and recovery from addictions and incest, with 27 years in private practice.