Kutira Decosterd: Founder of the Kahua Institute

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Sex - Tantra and Kama Sutra episode 18: Embodying The Erotic Journey with Kutira Decosterd, founder of the Kahua Institute

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Born and raised in Switzerland, Kutira Decosterd traveled at the age of 21 to India and Nepal, where she studied with yoga and tantra masters. In the West she explored cutting edge psychology and combined the teaching of East and West into a teaching called Embodied Spirituality.
Her strong background in meditation, breath work, NLP, Hakomi (Body-centered psychotherapy), Bioenergetics, non-violent communication (NVC) has made her an internationally known and accomplished teacher and seminar leader. One of her many gifts is the ability to gracefully combine ancient Taoist and tantric practices, yoga psychology, marine ecology, music and meditation with a planetary vision of ecological consciousness.

Kutira is well known throughout the alternative healing movement as the master of ritual. There is a certain “specialness” when she officiates weddings, land blessings, pujas, concerts and more. She has a natural talent for bringing a mature love into a ceremony that everybody can relax in. She has been a student of Kumuhula Auli'i Mitchell, learning ancient Hawaiian music, chants, dance, and arts.

With her many years of experience, she is known as a heart centered compassionate counselor and therapist. Her “Women of Spirit” journeys to Bali empower and celebrate the divine feminine spirit. Her recent involvement with Her Majesty the Queen of Bhutan has inspired her in supporting the Nuns of Bhutan and in bringing the sacred teachings to establish a direct lineage of women to women through difficult lifetimes. Kutira is a dedicated teacher and celebrates the sacred feminine in all aspects of her life.