Rowan Gabrielle: Surfacing the Psychology of Ecology For You

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Living Green episode 1: Rowan Gabrielle, an Eco-entrepreneur who defines what it means to be “Living Green”

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Rowan Gabrielle is the VP of Media and Pubic Relations for Urth.TV. Rowan is a visionary entrepreneur and philanthropist with 15 years experience in the LOHAS Market including WholeLife Expo and Enchante Innertainment (A media company in publishing, TV and merchandising in the domain of Emotional Literacy/Intelligence.) She is a media and special event producer and a connector in the Cultural Creative community with substantial relationships across many subject areas. Rowan is the founder if Organic Leather LLC and has created and executive produced two ground breaking eco fashion shows- “Awearness” in 2001 and “Eco-Petal” in 2006.