Michael Gosney: Futurist and Journalist

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Living Green episode 4: Science Fiction in Action - Michael Gosney and Califia, the new Bay-Area Based, Radical Urban Laboratory Project, The Digital Be-In and the Birth of Biomimicry

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Michael Gosney is a digital media innovator, marketing specialist, author/publisher and event producer whose many projects and events have contributed to forward-thinking social and environmental movements since the mid-1980s. Gosney co-founded the Green Century Institute in 2002 in San Francisco, which is focused on green architecture and technologies for sustainable communities. He has served as a director on the board of urban architect Paolo Soleri's
Cosanti Foundation in Scottsdale, Arizona since 1995. Among other events, he produces the Paradox Conferences at Arcosanti , and the long-running San Francisco cyberculture event, the Digital Be-In, held in 2006 and 2007 on Earth Day weekend. He is also co-founder of Cyberset Music and Media.