Lesley Nagy: Host and Reporter for "Your Green Report"

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Living Green episode 7: TV Reporter, Lesley Nagy Inspires the new MTV-style Green Reporting and Shares Interviews with Celebrities who are Walking the Walk. Lights, Camera, Action!

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As Host and Reporter for "Your Green Report," Lesley Nagy gives viewers a daily dose of news and information of relevance to green lifestyles and socially conscientious living. From efforts made to reduce greenhouse emissions and to reduce dependence on petroleum products, to profiles of individuals making a difference in the Bay Area community, "Your Green Report" provides individuals with positive news of strides being made by cities, corporations, organizations and individuals to ensure the sustainability of the planet. In addition to "Your Green Report," Lesley is also a spokesperson for Your TV20's public service campaign "Your Green Life," providing tips for individuals on how to make a contribution to planet sustainability.

Lesley has been with Your TV20 since April 2004. Before hosting "Your Green Report," she was the entertainment reporter for the "Daily Mixx" and "The Mixx Extended Play." She often traveled to NYC and LA, interviewing celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Johnny Depp, Meryl Streep to get insight into new movie releases for the Daily Mixx entertainment stories. Lesley is a member of the Broadcast Film Critics Association. Prior to coming to Your TV20 Lesley hosted a variety of programs in Los Angeles ranging from extreme sports to fashion & celebrities.

A native of Michigan, Lesley graduated with honors in broadcast journalism from Michigan State University. She was active in the Society of Environmental Journalists during college and the Lesley Nagy BFCA scholarship is awarded to select journalism students at her alma mater.